Your data, privacy and the Law - How we use your medical records

We take great care in protecting your information and medical records and we believe that this is fundamental to the trust between medical practitioners and patients.  All data is handled in accordance with the prevailing laws on data retention and privacy.  Your data is stored on a secure physical server and is NOT accessible via the "cloud".

Sharing of Records / Medical Information

We may share medical records with health professionals who are involved in providing you with care and treatment (e.g. a Private Consultant if you are being referred). This is on a need to know basis and event by event.

We may share information with an external body (such as a pathology lab or X-ray facility) if they are undertaking a test that has been requested by us.  This will be the minimum information required to undertake the test / activity.

Will will, at your request, share any/all information with your NHS General Practitioner if you have one.  

We do not share records with national databases or the Summary Care Record.

We do not use your information for research or marketing purposes.

We do not store payment / credit card information when you have made payments.

We do share information when the law requires us to do, for instance when we are inspected by a body with statutory powers, reporting certain infectious illnesses under the law or for safeguarding vulnerable people when required to do so.

We do share information when requested to do so by a Court Order.


If you have concerns our questions about your information please speak to one of our Partners.