Facial Aesthetics

At the Berkshire medical practice we are pleased to offer our patients an affordable way to reduce the appearance of unwanted lines and facial wrinkles. Our doctors are trained in facial aesthetics and the precise injection of botulinum ("Botox").

Feel comfortable and reassured in the knowledge that our doctors have been trained at the world renowned Dr. Bob Khanna Facial Aesthetics Institute in Reading and have in depth knowledge of your facial anatomy.  Our treatments are only administered by experienced Doctors in order to maximise your safety and to obtain the best possible results.

For those interested in facial aesthetics we carry out an initial consultation to discuss your individual needs and we then formulate a treatment tailored to you. The cost of this treatment includes any consultations and we always follow our patients up after 3 weeks to ensure we have achieved the desired outcome.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Published: Mar 8, 2018