Our clinicians at the Berkshire Medical Practice are all practising male GPs who undertake a variety of medical consultations include Gynaecology examinations that are part of usual General Practice.  It is our policy to always have a chaperone present during such examinations for the comfort and reassurance of all involved.

It is our normal procedure for one of the other GPs to be present for appropriate parts of the examination if required - as such it should be noted we do not currently have access to a female chaperone.  This will normally be made clear in advance if you are booking for a procedure likely to require a chaperone (e.g. a cervical screening test).  Whilst this is not an issue of concern for most patients, if we are unable to proceed we will normally offer the opportunity to not proceed with the examination (with a refund of fees paid as appropriate) and direct you to an appropriate alternative service.

Please speak to one of our clinicians if you would like further information about this.